post-heaven palm changes
Short Tactical Forms for Developing Fighting Skills
& Method of Training Primal Energy

Small Forms That Teach Specific Combat Applications and Martial Strategy

Practical Method of Building, Vitality, Fighting Spirit and Self-Confidence

Created and Based Upon Battlefield Experience and the Philosophy of the Sixty-Four Energy Changes of the
I Ching







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Golden Dragon Puts Out It's Claw Palm, one of 64 post-heaven palm changes from the Gao Yi Sheng baguazhang system. This particular form trains how to test an opponent's responses to offensive movements, in order to set-up an appropriate counter-attack and or throw.

Post-Heaven Palm Changes , sometimes simply referred to as "houtians," are short forms that function as a catalog of specific martial arts techniques and fighting applications, based upon the actual battlefield experiences of ancient and modern-day warriors, and the principles and philosophy of the 64 energy changes and cycles contained within the I Ching (Sacred Book of Changes and Divinations).


Post-heaven principle has these specific aspects of YIN CHI (earth-based energy): density, heaviness, intuitiveness and yielding, grounding, flowing, liquid, sensual and primal. It focuses on having a pragmatic understanding of how the weather patterns and nature's cyclic laws affects Taichi harmony here on earth. Properly understanding and applying these natural laws of post-heaven principle, can help one become more effective in life and better prepares an individual to attain and maintain worldly success, without loosing one’s center and therefore becoming imbalanced.


On a martial level, houtian palm changes teach you how to appropriately tap into your more primal-animal nature, without over arousing your emotions and hormonal system. This skill can heighten your intuition, giving you a greater ability to recognize and avoid potential danger. However, if a confrontation with a more aggressive opponent is eminent, these practical forms and two person drills can prepare one's body to become more resilient and better able to survive a physical confrontation. Choosing physical violence to resolve a dispute is usually not warranted in most cases, so its wiser to simply walk away, especially since we live in a very litigious society where differences between winners and losers is not so distinguishable and the potential legal costs are truly great.


Taoist philosophy always seeks peace and harmony in all situations, but does not rigidly interpret spiritual virtues of non-violence as a holier than thou position to be blindly followed by an imbalanced intellect and or emotion. Equally important spiritual virtues such as: appropriateness- doing the right thing at the right time, respectfulness- valuing oneself and others, and righteousness– being fair, just and protective of the weak and defenseless, are also valuable and important virtues to uphold.



Boulder Colorado, Summer 2000, Joseph being shown a fighting application by his Gao Style Baguazhang teacher, Master Luo De Xiu of Taipei, Taiwan.







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