pre-heaven palm changes
Short Yoga-Like Forms for Rebalancing Internal Energy and
Increasing Agility, that Simultaneously Develops Martial Skill

Eight (8) Martial Forms, Based on the Philosophy of the I Ching, for Restoring Suppleness and Elasticity, Building Internal Strength and Vitality while Simultaneously Learning Core Self-Defense Skills

Reconnects You to Your Original Essence and Its Celestial Roots, through Movements Designed to Synchronize You with Nature's Flow







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Snake Smooth Body Palm - One of eight pre-heaven palm changes from the Gao Yi Sheng baguazhang system. Medicinally, this palm change helps to settle the emotions by eliminating excess fire energy from the heart. Physically, it opens the body and joints and helps regain elasticity and suppleness. Martially, the snake palm change develops strength and skill to efficiently throw an opponent.

Xiantian (Pre-Heaven) Palm Changes
, are eight martially based forms that are infused with the teachings and philosophy of the great book of ancient Chinese wisdom, called the I Ching (Sacred Book of Changes and Divinations). According to the I Ching, the eight distinct energy manifestations of Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Lake, Mountain, Wind and Thunder help to explain the nature of change in our natural world. And, the history of these palm changes are a fusion of battlefield techniques used in actual combat, that have come from ancient and modern day warriors, married with noble truths, medicinal sciences and spiritual wisdom. Although we retain a fair level and spirit of its practical past, its modern-day evolution in our school is more focused on how its equally transcendent spiritual practices can help us refine our character.


Pre-heaven or pre-birth principles has these specific aspects and qualities of YANG CHI (heaven/masculine energy): original vitality, fullness, expansiveness, structured ness, orderliness, righteousness, calmness, evenness, detachedness, lightness, interconnectedness and oneness. Thus, Xiantian/Pre-Heaven palm changes focus more on the qigong/energy aspects of baguazhang training; they build the subtle lifeforce from the inside out, but also simultaneously develop foundational martial arts skills such as: rooting, yielding and changing.

Similar to the vitality and purity experienced by a child inside its mother's womb, not yet born and shielded from outside harm, training in the pre-heaven palm changes are also designed to protect your original essence; helping to restore and revitalize one's lifeforce back to its more integrated and natural state. Additionally, regularly practicing in these forms develops a type of functional flexibility that's at the root of many practical self-defense applications. They teach to unify your Qi/Chi (breath, lifeforce, bio-electric-energy) by learning to extend this power evenly to all parts of the body, even while moving continuously. In the art of baguazhang, xiantians/pre-heaven palm changes are the main vehicles used for simultaneously restructuring a healthier more limber body and building core self-defense and martial arts skills.









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