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For the more serious student, private learning is a time honored method and one of the best ways to deeply learn any subject. Each personalized consultation/training session with Joseph is designed to help individuals, first and foremost find their inner most centered position from which to begin a new training routine, that will encourage good self-discipline and the love for training. Whether one's goals are for self-defense, internal-martial-arts, fitness, athleticism, health, stress-management, creativity, inspiration, healing, meditation, spiritual-self-cultivation and or personal-evolution, strong emphasis is always placed on progressing in an integrated and balanced way. Amongst the many TAO golden rules Joseph likes to teach, this is one of his favorites: "Never Do Too Much Nor Do Too Little."

Private Consultation/Lesson (1-person)


5-Pak 5% discount (1-person)


10-Pak 10% discount (1-person)


To help defer the costs of this more intimate and highly effective way of learning, the option to split the bill with a friend or between a small group of like-minded people of no more than 4-persons, is also available. But, regardless of which options you choose, if one or more of the committed participants suddenly cannot make a session, the designated group organizer is still responsible for the full fee, so please choose your "friends" wisely!

SEMI-PRIVATE Consultations/Lessons (2-people)


SEMI-PRIVATE Consultations/Lessons (4-people)



If you wish to arrange for Joseph to come to your school, large group and or organization, for a weekend seminar or weekday workshop, please contact him directly with your proposals at:


PHONE/webcam video consultation
If in person interaction with Joseph is not possible, then live phone/ webcam, skype, and or facetime video consultation is possible. It may be a very practical option for the serious student that has a very demanding schedule and or needs to travel often, but is still highly motivated to learn and train.





*** All fees are calculated from a base rate of $150 per hour, with a minimum time commitment of 1-1/2 hours (90-minutes) per session, to be paid in full and in advance prior to meeting for the session. ***

*** Usually, Joseph recommends and prefers to work in open-air parks, where there are plenty of trees, grass, shrubs and flowers that can provide better "CHI" / "Bioelectric-Magnetic Liforce" and cleaner air than being indoors, regardless of the season and time of the year. However, if the student/client prefers more privacy and comfort, Joseph is willing to travel to your home for no additional cost, so long as its not more than a 30 minute commute away eachway. ***

*** A 24hr. cancellation notice is required to reschedule an appointment, in order to avoid a full charge for a "no-show." There are NO REFUNDS or exceptions, but sometimes a credit may be issued towards future prepaid consultations if it was determined to be just a one-time fluke event and or emergency situation. ***

*** Additionally, before students/clients engage in any of the more committed forms of consultations/study/training, such as a 10-Pak discounted package, students/clients are advised to simply "test-drive" the experience with 1-3 individual private sessions first, before committing to any of the longer training options. Once conditions for any of the above options has been mutually agreed upon and begun, they are binding and will not be reversed, no exceptions. So, if at any point the student/client changes their minds or cannot continue for whatever reason, unfortunately there will be NO REFUNDS, no exceptions. Only a limited time credit may be issued towards finishing any of the remaining unused consulting/training sessions, within a reasonable amount of time that's been mutually agreed upon. So, please take your time and choose your training options wisely! ***










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