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For the more serious student, private lessons are one of the best and quickest ways for beginners to learn any new subject, as well as being a highly transformative process for more experienced practitioners to further master and refine their core skills. Joseph’s unique approach to integrating dynamic physicality with mental awareness and heart wisdom, is one of his teaching trademarks. Each one  of his highly personalized consultation/training sessions is designed to help individuals excel towards their personal best, always from the safest most balanced point possible. With his support and encouragement, students begin to recognize the power of having “reasonable expectations” and “consistency,” as being some of the key ingredients in developing natural self-discipline and the “love of training.” Whether your focus is classical Internal-Martial-Arts, practical self-defense, fitness, flexibility, health, stress-management, creativity, inspiration, intuition, healing, meditation, personal-development and or greater spiritual understanding, strong emphasis is always placed on steadily progressing in an integrated balanced way and minimizing extremes. Among the many "Golden TAO Rules" Joseph likes to emphasize, this is one of his favorites: "Never Do Too Much Nor Too Little!”

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ONLINE CLASSES, webinars and consultations FOR SCHOOLS and ORGANIZATIONS
If you wish to arrange for Joseph to do an online course or class for   your school, group and or organization, please contact us at: 


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If in person training with Joseph is not possible, then a live phone call, webcam, whatsapp, skype, facetime, hangouts video consultation is still possible, please contact us at:












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