QIGONG: "The Eight Pieces of Brocade"
All-day workshop in 8-special-exercises for better Vitality
with Master Instructor Joseph Zeisky

SUNDAY | OCT. 14, 2018 | PART-1 (10am-1pm) | PART-2 (2pm-5pm)
@Peridance Capezio Center 126 East 13St NYC

The Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong
PART-1 : (10:00am-1:00pm) | $120 at the door
PART-2 : (2pm-5pm) | $120 at the door
both PARTS 1 & 2, pre-registered online $200
126 East 13th Street bet. 4th & 3rd Aves.
New York, N.Y. 10003 TEL: 212-505-0886


*** Please arrive 15 minutes early for each part, to sign-in and warm-up, workshop promptly begins and ends at set times. Thank You!***

Workshop Description

"The Eight Pieces of Brocade"
An All-Day intensive training into 8-Special-Exercises for Whole-Body Maintenance and Internal Energy Cultivation, that Ancient Chinese legends say originally developed over 2,500yrs ago!
Taught by Master Instructor Joseph Zeisky!


Restore your vitality, prevent injuries and recover more quickly from vigorous workouts and from the negative side-effects of excessive stress with these Eight-Simple-Internal-Energy-Exercises, more commonly known throughout Asia and the world as “THE EIGHT PIECES OF BROCADE" Qigong (a natural energy science and discipline of mindfully cultivating one's own internal lifeforce, primarily thru graceful body movements and special breathing methods). 


This well paced all-day intensive training, will gently and dynamically guide Dancers, Athletes, Martial Artists, Healers, Meditators and any other kind of movement enthusiasts alike into this Ancient Chinese way of whole-body physicality, energy restoration and internal lifeforce strengthening, as a complimentary art to any existing exercise routine and body discipline.


Relatively easy to do, these 8-Sets of Internal Energy Exercises specialize in gathering and refining the “Qi” lifeforce and toning the body. Additionally, unique standing meditation postures, rhythmic movements, dynamic stretching and deep breathing methods are used in combination to increase the flow of bio-electric-magnetic-energy throughout the body, helping to soften the mind from excessive thinking and opening the heart to balance the emotions.


Regular "Ba Duan Jin" / "Eight Pieces of Brocade" practice is well known to produce robust health, vigor, stamina, strength and flexibility, as well as fostering a positive attitude and naturally awakening deeper levels of intuition and human potential.


Joseph has thoughtfully compiled, selected and distilled some of the best variations on these popular Eight Pieces of Brocade exercises, traditionally used for boosting over-all energy levels, increasing coordination and fine motor skills and opening-up the body's main acupuncture pathways.



Part 1 - ( Exercises 1-4 ) (10am-1pm)

(#1) -Two Hands Hold Up the Heavens to regulate the San Jiao Triple Burner.

(#2) - Draw the Bow to Shoot the Hawk to improve the Heart, Lungs and Liver.

(#3) - Separating Heaven and Earth to Regulate the Spleen and Stomach.

(#4) - Look Back to Dispel Disease, the Wise Owl Gazes Backwards to Eliminate Fatigue and Illness.



Part 2 - ( Exercises 5-8 ) (2pm-5pm)

(#5) - Heal by Stepping Behind and Turning Around.

(#6) - Swing the Head and Tail to Eliminate Heart Fire.

(#7) - Draw Fists with Fiery Eyes and Punch to increase the Qi energy.

(#8) - Two Hands Climb the Legs and Grasp the Ankles to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist.



*** LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate ***


*** PREREQUISITE: Students should be free of any major injuries and have no pressing health conditions. If you are in basic good physical condition and can handle a normal fitness class, dance class and or yoga class, you'll be just fine and have lots of fun! ***



Teaching Style


Joseph's 35+ years experience studying, learning, training, doing and teaching Internal Martial Arts, Meditation and Natural Healing Methods has birthed his own unique teaching style called THE ZEIGUA METHOD. Today, most of his workshops, classes and courses utilize this innovative internal arts learning system, for better understanding and appreciation of the Tai Chi Classics, Nature based philosophies and more traditional ways of training the physical and energetic arts...


In the Zeigua approach to learning, the more traditional sources and methods of training in the Asian Martial, Meditation and Energy skills are honored and respected, but taught from a new perspective that is more appropriate for our modern times and special needs, with a strong emphasis on "not doing too much nor doing too little"...




If possible, please wear loose fitting sweat pants and long sleeve shirts made of natural materials, such 100% organic cotton, raw silk, linen or other natural fibers. These will allow the body greater freedom of movement, comfort and skin breathability.


It's highly recommended to simply go barefoot...

But, flat soled training shoes are perfectly fine, such as: cotton soled Taichi shoes, kung-fu shoes, soft leather ballet covers, canvas or cotton sneakers with a very thin rubber sole, wool/cotton socks or Yoga socks with the little rubber grippers are excellent too...

NOT RECOMMENDED -> Jogging shoes and or regular sneakers. These are not ideal because they have too much cushioning and elevation, preventing your Achilles tendons and feet from being fully exercised and opened. Bare feet are best for Qigong practices...

Please, no street shoes.







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