BAGUA Essentials - PART 1
core methods, principles and exercises
SPRING 2017 | PART-1 March 15 | PART-2 March 29 | 6-9pm | Flatiron District, NYC


Toroidal Force Zeigua-Bagua Workshops

Baguazhang is a complete physical art simultaneously training how to use the subtle energy pathways to create both: vibrant health and sophisticated ways of protecting oneself and loved ones, against negative energies and unbalanced people...

BAGUA Essentials - PART 1
Core Baguazhang Qigong Methods, Principles and Exercises
with Master Instructor Joseph Zeisky

Dependable tools for transformation, empowerment and self-protection... 

NEW SPRING 2017 Zeigua Workshop Theme -"TOROIDAL FORCE"

PART 1 / MARCH 15, 2017 / Wednesday Evening / 6:00pm - 9:00pm

This first part will focus on a few useful Qigong/life-force practices for better coordination, flexibility, smoothness and wholebody power, such as:


FAN ZHANG (over-turning palm) - a dynamic stationary exercise that deeply twists, turns, opens and closes the muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks and torso, to better link them together, evenly extend power and develop root.


TIAO (to lift) is one of many TAO stretching exercises used to simultaneously condition and strengthen the body and prepare the Bagua practitioner to have the realistic skills, power and resilience to effectively throw an opponent.


CIRCLE WALKING QIGONG during this workshop will focus on maintaining a natural gate, even speed, tall body and loose but connected limbs while going in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, to improve blood circulation and better feel the subtle toroidal forces spiraling in and around the body.


LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE -this workshop is carefully designed to embrace and safely introduce Bagua to new students, as well as help experienced practitioners deepen their mastery of the core principles and forms.


Teaching Style


ZEIGUA is an innovative internal arts teaching method created by longtime internal martial arts practitioner, teacher and push-hands grand champion, Joseph Zeisky. His unique teaching method was inspired by his many teaching experiences in New York City, after having just come back from a Bagua study sabbatical in Taipei, Taiwan in 2002. Originally, it was simply a way to help his then students better handle the more athletically demanding forms of Bagua. And now, Zeigua has evolved into a down-to-earth way of illuminating the core principles of primarily Taichi and Bagua, but also of other internal arts, indigenous healing methods and wisdom traditions.



If possible, please wear loose fitting sweat pants and long sleeve shirts made of natural materials, such 100% organic cotton, raw silk, linen or any other natural fibers. These will always allow the body greater freedom of movement, comfort and breathability...



It's recommended to simply go barefoot during stationary Qigong practices and to use flat-soled kungfu shoes for the more dynamic moving/walking and applications segments of the workshop...

Please no street shoes...

Flat soled training shoes are perfectly fine, such as: cotton soled Taichi shoes, kung-fu shoes, soft leather ballet covers, soft canvas or cotton sneakers with thin rubber soles, wool/cotton socks or yoga socks with the little rubber grippers are also excellent alternatives...

NOT RECOMMENDED -> Jogging shoes and or regular sneakers are not ideal footware, because they usually are too stiff and have too much cushioning, preventing your Achilles tendons and feet in general from being fully stretched and exercised.








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