Zeigua Fusion Forms
Qigong ≈ Taiji ≈ Bagua...integration workshops
Fall 2017 | Sunday Oct. 15, 22, 29 | 10am - 12pm | Lower Manhattan, NYC

NEW Sunday Morning Zeigua Internal Arts Workshop Series

Key Components from Qigong, Taiji and Bagua into One Force
with Master Instructor Joseph Zeisky

Sunday Oct. 15, 22, 29  
Lower Manhattan, NYC


Individual Dates: $60 each
All Three Dates Discounted Package: $150

Sunday Morning Zeigua Workshop Series (Fall 2017)




NEW Adventures into the amazing world of internal martials arts and vitality-based Meditation!


Using his unique Zeigua teaching method and internal arts system, Joseph will be sharing his latest discoveries and insights on how to extract, connect and then integrate some of the best components from Qigong, Taiji and Bagua, into one unified singular expression of internal energy. Deeply rooted in the Nature-based sciences and arts of ancient China...Qigong, Taiji and Bagua are three separate and very powerful whole body systems all unto themselves, having a great capacity to improve your vitality and quality of life. And, based on his over 33yrs experience, Joseph has carefully sourced from these three beautiful arts to bring you a new and dynamic way to train your own unique lifeforce expression...


Some basic experience in the internal martial arts is always a plus but not necessary. This series of short workshops are open to all new and experienced students alike, who have an open mind, body and heart and have a reasonable level of fitness and physical coordination. So, if you’re up for a new, fun and challenging way of training your whole body-mind-spirit-heart connection, then this is for you!


All workshops will take place in beautiful, clean and open dances spaces near Chambers St. in Lower Manhattan, New York City...And, the facilities also have very clean showers, bathrooms and seperate changing rooms for both women and men. So, please share this information with friends and colleagues you think may also be interested...and, please sign-up early...thank you!









Teaching Style


ZEIGUA is an innovative internal arts teaching method created by longtime internal martial arts practitioner, teacher and push-hands grand champion, Joseph Zeisky. His unique teaching method was inspired by his many teaching experiences in New York City, after having just come back from a Bagua study sabbatical in Taipei, Taiwan in 2002. Originally, it was simply a way to help his then students better handle the more athletically demanding forms of Bagua. And now, Zeigua has evolved into a down-to-earth way of illuminating the core principles of primarily Taichi and Bagua, but also of other internal arts, indigenous healing methods and wisdom traditions.



If possible, please wear loose fitting workout pants and shirts, made from more natural materials such as 100% organic cotton, raw silk, linen or any other natural fiber...this will allow for greater freedom of movement and breathability.



It's recommended to simply go barefoot during the more stationary Qigong practices and then possibly switch to flat-soled kungfu style shoes for the more dynamic moving/walking and applications segments of the workshop...

Please no street shoes allowed...

Flat soled training shoes are perfectly fine, such as: cotton soled Taichi shoes, kung-fu shoes, soft leather ballet covers, soft canvas slippers or cotton sneakers with thin rubber soles, wool/cotton socks or yoga socks with the little rubber grippers are also all excellent alternative footware...







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