I CHING or Yi Jing
Book Of Changes & Divinations
The Accumulated Wisdom and Spiritual Knowledge of the Ancient Chinese

The World’s Oldest Surviving Book

A Collection of Written Explanations and
Commentaries onthe 64 Cyclic Energy Changes found in Nature

Based on Over More Than 5,000 Years of Observations, Contemplation and Oral Transmissions from the Taoist Sages








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King Wen of Zhou
(1099–1050 BC) Creator of
the 64 Post-Heaven changes of the I Ching







Pre-Heaven Bagua Arrangement

Xiantian Bagua (pre-heaven eight trigrams)
Heaven's Wisdom and Unconditional Love
This pre-heaven arrangement of the eight primordial forces was divined by Fuxi, the first emperor of China and creator of the I Ching (The Book of Changes). It represents the more subtle life giving energy of the universe that animates all life forms, and their more ethereal states before they manifest into more solid and denser matter.

The I Ching or Yi Jing, (pronounced "Eee-Jing") translates from the Chinese language as a sacred "Book of Changes and Divinations," is perhaps one of oldest surviving books in the world and represents over 5,000 years of accumulated spiritual wisdom from the ancient Chinese. It serves as the pillar from which many scholars such as Confucius, helped build Chinese civilization, philosophy and culture.

It's sagely advice is encoded in the "64 Changes," which are a collection of sixty-four short explanations and commentaries on the cycles of Nature and how those same forces may affect our current situation at any given time. When faced with difficult circumstances, the I Ching teaches us how to appropriately respond to these life challenges and how to avoid misfortune and danger.

In very non-dogmatic nor condescending way, the I Ching counsels us how to cultivate our higher selves with such virtues as modesty, patience and compassion, rather than allowing ourselves to succumb to our lower tendencies for arrogance, aggressiveness and self-indulgence...with the overall purpose of the I Ching being to teach us how live a more prosperous and harmonious life.

Houtian Bagua (post-heaven eight trigrams)
Earth's Cyclic Laws and Repeating Patterns
After thousands of years of contemplation and observations by many people of intelligence and wisdom, the eight primordial forces of the I Ching evolved into what is referred to as the post-heaven, post-natal or after birth arrangement. It is credited to the genius and persevering efforts of King Wen, who was the first person to double the trigrams and stacked them one a top of the other to create the 64 hexagrams. And, he also wrote the first corresponding judgements and commentaries that further illuminated the encoded images and hidden meanings of the 64 changes.



The Ken Wen I Ching Sequence of 64 Hexagrams 64-hexagrams-KingWen






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