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fine Jewelry Custom Design & Hand-Fabrication Expert FINE-JEWELRY & FINE-WATCH Repairs AND IN-THE-TRADE Manufacturing Consulting
As a second generation Master Jeweler Fine Gem Setter and Craftsman, Joseph apprenticed under his Hungarian father and inventor André L. Zeisky, in New York City from the young age of 8 until his mid 20s, in a very disciplined old-school and traditional European way. From his father he learned the highly esteemed art of fine gem setting -considered to be the most difficult skill to master in the jewelry trade- and other goldsmithing, customized steel tool and jig making skills. Additionally, through-out his forty (40+) plus years in the jewelry industry, he also had the great opportunity to interact, exchange with and learn from many other master-craftsmen in gem setting, gem cutting, goldsmithing, silversmithing, platinum work, jewelry designing, model-making, lost-wax casting techniques, and tool and die making skills with experts from all over the world, who came to New York City in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s because of the city's reputation as one the greatest centers in the world for fine jewelry and fine jewelry manufacturing. Additionally, Joseph also lived, worked and learned from many other master jewelers and craftsmen through-out the United States: Dallas-TX, New Haven-CT, San Rafael-CA, San Francisco-CA, Sausalito-CA, Mill Valley-CA, Boulder-CO, Orlando-FL and San Juan-PR.

If you would like to arrange for a fine jewelry custom design consultation and or hand-fabrication price estimate, or to view a portfolio of Joseph's past and most recent commissions, get price estimates on expert fine-jewelry and fine-watch repairs, GIA appraisals and or in-the-trade consultation on professional manufacturing methods and techniques, please contact Joseph directly at:



When it comes to computers and the web, there's always some new and shinier application, software and or hardware device coming out every two weeks. But, we're not distracted nor paniced by this phenomena. Joseph's approach to graphic design and website building, like all his other arts and skills that have been finely tempered by the timeless wisedom and principles gained from his internal-martial-arts training, advocates simplicity and balance. So, the old-school common sense of using less flashy uncomplicated codes, balanced off with a few of the best and latest web innovations, is the focus. Clean and simple designs that function well across multiple platforms, browsers, cellphone devices and or size formats, are the key technical goals Joseph strives for.

Web Design & Construction


GRAPHIC DESIGN, digital design -QuarkXpress & PHOTOSHOP, Marketing & promotional services
Joseph can also help you with your professional print and digital design needs, such as unique logo creation, business cards, brochures, posters, large banners, books, magazine & cover layout, newsletter, photo retouching and restoration and or other visual promotional-marketing needs.

Graphics, Digital Design & Marketing Services


PHONE/webcam video consultation
If in person interaction with Joseph is not possible, then live phone, webcam, skype, and or facetime video consultation is possible. It may be a very practical option for clients that have a very demanding schedule and or need to travel often.