Innovative Ways of Understanding Ancient Traditions and Ways of Distilling
the Quintessence of Internal Martial Arts, Nature-Based Healing, Meditation and Spiritual Principles

Zeigua Arts

Is a bridge system designed to assist practitioners of more traditional and orthodox systems of Qigong and Internal Martial Arts, better understand the subtleties, complexities and unique challenges these sophisticated Mind-Body-Spirit systems can sometimes pose to beginner and or experienced students alike. With the ultimate purpose of making the legendary ancient Taoist longevity, health, fitness and self-defense practices more accessible and practical...

Originally intended to only be an introductory level "Chi" ("life-force, bio-electro-magnetic energy", “source field energy”) arts practice to help new students bridge the gap between East and West thinking, Zeigua Arts has now evolved into its own unique way of looking at, approaching and learning any new multi-dimensional art and or dynamic physical practice -primarily through the lens of three very simple ideas and principles, which correspond to three very basic geometric shapes: The Circle, The Square and The Triangle...


"Necessity is the Mother of Invention" Irish Proverb

There will always be a great need to better communicate with modern-busy people the importance of slowing down and taking more personal responsibility for their well being.  Practicing the time tested and effective methods of internal energy management, such as qigong and becoming less reliant on external sources for health and happiness, can be a very important first step. Zeigua Arts grew out of this need, sincerely hoping to help individuals remember and value preventive medicine principles as a practical and viable response to today's health and spiritual crisis.

Today, more than ever before people seem to lack common sense and reasonable expectations from life, resulting in high levels of stress and unhappiness. It seems to be very high price most of us are willing to pay for the type of "progress" that comes with our modern civilization and all its creature comforts. Unfortunately, our highly industrialized urban sprawls tend to disconnect us from the more life sustaining and wiser ways of people living close to the land. Because we primarily live in such an unnatural and hurried way, our intuitive/primal skills have greatly been diminished, giving rise to mental imbalances and philosophical distortions. We either tend to be overly rational, believing in only things that can be "proven" thru the last measuring methods and instruments of by our current instruments "science."

Or, we tend to tilt in the opposite extreme, being too emotional, impulsive, narrow-minded, tribal, superstitious, reactionary, narcissistic and or self-indulgent. Regardless of which type of imbalance an individual may fall under, its very clear that imbalances of any kind are at the root of all diseases, illnesses and misfortunes...When the mind can become so imbalanced, by either being too skeptical or too irrational, no amount of "truth" or "evidence" will ever be enough.


Reasonable Expectations

New opportunities have come from the Internet boom, providing society with incredible blessings, especially for the common person. But, this rapid increase in choices has also simultaneously led to more confusion and impatience. Intellectually, most people understand that good things take time to develop. But, physiologically and emotionally, there seems to be a major disconnect from truly accepting this reality.

Our modern culture encourages impulsiveness, impatience, over-spending and over-extending, and the belief that we can have everything now and at the same time, without any consequences. This is a most unfortunate fallacy, self-delusion and a most unreasonable expectation. For the vast majority of us, the human body simply cannot catch-up with the speed by which the mind can easily project it's thoughts, ideas, wishes and dreams into space. A racing, anxious and un peaceful mind is at the root of the body's self destruction.

Patience and high standards are some of the required ingredients to produce a great work of art, physical skill or intellectual achievement, which can then be universally appreciated, respected and acknowledged for being both useful and beautiful. This is at the heart and purpose of traditional apprenticeships and training in all the arts, to prepare individuals with the tools and skills necessary for success. However, striving for too high of a standard or not striving enough, once again leads to imbalance and unnecessary suffering.

Suffering is unavoidable, a natural part of life that should not be feared. Learning how to suffer well might seem like a strange idea at first, but in most human dramas it can make an individual stronger and help build their character. However, extreme forms of suffering and unhappiness can cause serious illness, disease or even death, so its important to pay attention in order to avoid these extremes. But, in our modern age we have lost the ability to easily recognize what’s a good pain and suffering from that which is truly excessive and damaging. Thankfully, our ancient Taoist friends pointed towards a simple remedy: daily self-regulation and self-discipline, in the forms of holistic lifestyle changes, exercises and eating habits. But, most importantly through the practice of meditation, which cleanses negative thoughts and emotions, improving our attitude and changing our energetic state to a more positive one.


Purpose and Philosophy

Zeigua Arts strive to serve as a bridge towards the simpler more time-tested values of the ancient Taoist, for creating true balance and harmony. By using certain practices, such as circle walking, one can effortlessly choose to move away from the harmful extremes of being either too impulsive or too rigid. One is encouraged to walk towards a way of life that embraces more natural movements, breathing and thinking. Metaphors and stories are and can be incredible tools for helping people adjust to ever changing circumstances, but without connecting those stories and metaphors to a related physical exercise or reality, they remain only mental and emotional fantasies that can disperse one’s valuable life-energy.

Drawing greatly from the heart of Taoist principles and internal arts such as Qigong, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Yiquan, Baguazhang, Aikido, Yoga, Taoist Meditation and Living Foods, Zeigua Arts aims towards finding the common ground all great internal self-development systems stand on. Differences between the various schools of thought in the internal and external training methods are recognized and respected. However, we emphasize dissolving any barriers that would further escalate separation between people and their beliefs, between individuals and they’re mind-heart-spirit-body connections from its integrated whole.

The energetic-physical backbone of Zeigua Arts exercises and forms primarily come from the Taoist Internal Arts of Qigong, Baguazhang and Taoist Meditation, with additional strong support coming from traditional Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Yiquan practices. The philosophical and spiritual components are deeply rooted in the ageless wisdom of the ancient Taoist Sages, whom advocated maintaining naturalness in all situations and attaining over-all balance in all aspects of one's life as the central goal. This approach to life is at the heart of all Zeigua Arts.