Zeigua Core Principles and Philosophy



CIRCLE-shape-principle / HEAVEN SPHERE
The Subtle Spiritual Force that Animates All Matter in the Universe

The CIRCLE shape-principle / HEAVEN Sphere, represents the celestial energies of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Galaxies and other unique Solar systems, all being sustained and animated by the same one mysterious and subtle universal force. This universal subtle force directly influences all life on earth, having the nature of oneness, constancy and stillness, and simultaneously this one force is also in a constant state of movement and change. On a human level, heaven's energy manifests in the body as a sense of inner and outer spaciousness, similar to the softness and lightness of clouds. Visually, the physical forms and energy exercises of the circle principle are also light and subtle, with the limbs and torso of the body making curved, round, oval and spherical like shapes that softly and silently move about in spirals.


SQUARE-shape-principle / EARTH SPHERE
The Physical Laws, Cycles & Ordered Structure of Manifested Things

The SQUARE shape-principle / EARTH Dimension, represents all terrestrial energies on earth, such as the architecturally beautiful flowers, trees, rocks, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, insects, animals, humans etc. All these physical manifestations are actually slower vibrating matter and denser forms of celestial energy; they are the many faces and multiple aspects of the one mysterious subtle force of the universe. Carefull observation of Nature reveals a high degree of order and structure, as consistently demonstrated by the faithful repetition of the cyclical four seasons, each and every year. Nature also utilizes the same 64 Codex genes (from the DNA double helix) to build all living things, such as precisely creating square and rectangularly shaped cells to help trees stand upright against gravity. The "Square Principle" forms and exercises follow these concepts and principles, having a more clearly defined body structure, connection and purpose. These forms greatly emphasize training the legs and feet in order to increase one's root and wholebody power, by practicing in much lower and/or wider stances.


TRIANGLE-shape-principle / HUMAN SPHERE
Humanity's Clever Use of The Heaven and Earth Powers and Principles

The TRIANGLE shape-principle / HUMAN Perspective, represents how a positively focused human mind can intelligently utilize the energies of heaven and earth, for its own survival and benefit; its the human application of heaven and earth powers. Like in the way a triangularly shaped prism can refract heaven's sunlight into a rainbow of colors and hues for artistic use, or how a magnifying lens at a correct angle can concentrate the sun's power to make fire. Another example, is by knowing the lunar cycles and times of the seasonal changes, farmers can optimize the best times to plant and harvest their crops. Timing, and knowing the most optimal position and or angle from which to easily move in any direction, are the main aspects of "Triangle Principle" forms and exercises. Thus, an advancing/retreating stepping style, which uses one leading arm and or leg to wedge-in and out, is one of the physical manifestations of this principle.



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